Proximity Sensors
Proximity Sensors

Inno offers one of the widest and most comprehensive range of Proximity Sensors in the industry. Our range includes Magnetic/ Reed Switches, Inductive, Stainless Steel, Capacitive, Rectangular, Ring, High Temperature, High Pressure, Miniature and Special Proximity Sensors to suit all your needs

  • Magnetic Sensors

    Inno offers a wide range of Magnetic Sensors or Reed Switches which are suitable for clamp or groove mounting on Cylinders. Available in Reed or NPN, PNp Outputs

  • Inductive Sensors

    Find the Widest Range of Inductive Proximity Sensors at Inno. Our range includes M8 t0 M30 Flush and Non Flush Sensors with upto 3 Times the Normal Sensing Distance and load of 200mA. Range is available in PNP, NPN, AC, DC 2 Wire in NO, NC Outputs

  • Stainless Steel Sensors

    Crafted out of a single piece Stainless Steel. Meet Inno's Unibody Stainless Sensors for demanding applications and the Food and Pharma Industry. Available with upto 3 Times the regular sensing in M8 to M18 Flush versions in NPN, PNP Outputs

  • Capacitive Sensors

    Non Contact Sensing of non inductive material from wood to brass and aluminium is made possible with Capacitive Sensing. Inno offers M18 & M30 Non Flush Capacitive Proximity Sensors in PNP, NPN, AC 2 Wire, NO & NC Outputs

  • Rectangular Sensors

    Wide range of Square, Rectangular and Cube Inductive Proximity Sensors from Miniature, Flat and upto 40*40mm Size. Available in NPN, PNP, AC, DC 2 Wire Models

  • Speciality Sensors

    Inno offers Unique Proximity Sensors to catter to many common Automation Problems but yet not commonly available in the market. Our range of Specality Sensors include Inductive Ring Sensors, Gear Tooth Sensors, Linear Analog Output Sensors, High Pressure Sensors & NAMUR Proximity Sensors