Photoelectric Sensors
Photoelectric Sensors

Inno offers a wide range of Standard Photoelectric, Long Distance, Miniature Photo Electric, Laser, Optical Fiber and Color Mark sensors to suit almost all Industrial Automation requirements.

  • Photoelectric Sensors

    Inno's wide range of Standard and Compact Rectangular Photoelectric sensors with upto IP67 protection and Upto 30 Meter sensing. Available in Diffuse, Retro Reflective, Through Beam models with NPN, PNP - NO/ NC or Dual Output confirurations

  • Miniature Photo Sensors

    Inno's New Miniature Photo Electric Sensor series offering some of the smallest sensors in class with a thickness of just 5mm. Upto 2 meters Sensing and Diffuse and Through Beam models these sensors are available in NPN & PNP Outpu configurations

  • Laser Sensors

    Inno's Laser sensors for those demanding applications of precision sensing. With upto 100 meters sensing and IP67 rating, Inno offers some of the best and practical Laser Sensors in the market. Available in NPN & PNP Outputs

  • Color Mark Sensors

    Inno's Color Mark Sensors go head to head with the leaders in the sensing industry and come out shining. Path breaking features like remote 6 preset teach, longer sensing range and RGB light source with dual outputs and built in indication make it the best in it's segment

  • Optical Fiber Sensors

    Inno's range of Fiber Optic Amplifiers and Cables for the SMD and Automotive sensing applications offer so much more than the competition at a practical price point. Explore our range of Amplifiers from Basic to the Advanced Intelligent Models to know more